1Tech 4 Impact Fund
A fund dedicated to investing in technology-based startups that aim to create positive social or environmental impact.
2Sustainable Development Goals
Set of 17 global goals established by the United Nations to address social, economic, and environmental challenges and promote sustainable development worldwide by 2030.
3Mozaik Foundation
A foundation focused on supporting and nurturing impact entrepreneurs and their startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as fostering a vibrant local entrepreneurial ecosystem.
4Impact Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs who seek to generate both financial returns and social or environmental good through their business ventures.
5Mozaik Startup Studio
The operating and business support platform for the Tech 4 Impact Fund, providing comprehensive support services to impact entrepreneurs, and a part of the Mozaik Foundation.
6Equity Investments
Investments made in exchange for ownership shares in a company.
7Ticket size
Ticket size refers to maximum amount of money the Fund can invests in any given startup.


1When can I expect first feedback from you?
Upon submitting your pitch deck, you can expect a response within 15 working days. If we find your proposal intriguing, we will proceed with an evaluation process lasting at least 2 weeks, though it often takes longer due to various factors. It's important to note that going through the evaluation process does not guarantee an investment.
2What format should I use to submit my business idea?
The most important part of the application is the Pitch Deck (investment presentation), which is a short presentation through which you present your business idea to us. To learn more about the format of a pitch deck and the elements it should contain, read this link: If you have a ready pitch deck, APPLY here.
3Would you consider pitches outside of your focus areas?
Only applications from industries that are the focus of the Tech 4 Impact Fund will be considered. It is not eliminatory, but we would appreciate it if you explain your solution in the context of contributing to the SDG goals.
4What are your expectations in terms of equity?
We evaluate each business idea individually through an established due diligence process. The capital from the Tech 4 Impact Fund comes with a co-ownership arrangement, which is defined through an existing or future limited liability company. The ownership percentage starts from a minimum of 10%, while the maximum depends on the value both sides are bringing into the startup.
5Do you invest outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina?
No. We exclusively invest in businesses within the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where at least one founder must be a Bosnian and Herzegovinian citizen.